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Spray Tan Metiarie La | Spray Tan New Orleans

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I prepare for my appointme​nt?

Pop over to our Tan Care page for all of your instructions! You'll find pre and post tan care and all the answers on what to expect for your spray tan appointment. Then complete the waiver at the bottom of the screen. Every client must have a waiver on file! It takes less than one minute to complete. 

How long will my tanning session take?​

About 10 minutes in the studio and roughly 30 minutes for mobile. Mobile appointments require us to pop up a tent and we need good lighting and access to an outlet. Please have your jewelry removed prior to appointment time. Mobile appointments should be prepared to start within a few minutes of our arrival. We schedule plenty of time for your appointment but if we have to allow for you to change clothes, secure pets and remove jewelry it can set us back the entire day. 

How long should I expect my tan to last?

Most of our spray tans will last 7-10 days if you follow our post tan care instructions. We use custom blended, high quality solutions and have a unique spray technique. Our Basic Spray Tan will generally last 5-7 days. This is a guideline as everyone's skin is different and hormones and post activities play a huge role in how long it will last. A woman's tan may develop differently during hormonal changes like ovulation, menstruation, or pregnancy. Your tan may be streaky or patchy. It may also cause color to fade faster or produce lighter to no color at all. This is something we do not have any control over. 

When can I shower?

Rapid solutions require 2-8 hours before a shower. Overnight solutions require you to wait 8-10 hours before a shower. We mainly use rapid solutions. Rapid solutions mean less time you have to worry about ruining your tan. 

Can I work o​ut or go to the gym after my first rinse?

No. We recommend you do not work out until after 24 hours from your appointment. Your tan is not fully developed until that time. Once your tan is developed you can workout. Your tan may rub off on areas that have sweat and friction. If you workout on a regular basis please ask about our sweat proof tan! A good tip is to add powder before your workout to any areas that may have friction; sports bra straps, socks, etc.

I've seen pictures of splotchiness and peeling after a spray tan. How do I prevent this?

If you use AHA or BHA skin care products you need to stop several days before your tan. Accutane can cause your tan to develop unnaturally and fade quickly. Anti acne and anti aging products can cause your tan to look blotchy. Dove, Oil of Olay and Native brands should not be used to prep for your spray tan or during your tan. 

I have been in the sun and have a sunburn, can I still get a spray tan?

Sunburns and spray tans do not mix! A spray tan will make your skin peel, exposing fresh skin and you will look crazy. Do not schedule a spray tan if you have a burn. Please know that if your burn is less than six weeks old your tan may develop unevenly, showing the lines of your burn. Please let us know if you have a recent burn so we can discuss the situation and decide on the best plan for you. 

Can I get waxed or a mani/pedi after my spray tan?

Please make all waxing and nail appointments at least 24 hours prior to your tan but if that is not possible let your nail technician know not to exfoliate your hands and legs. Polish changes are ok but you do not want your feet soaking in hot water or any exfoliant rubbed on your legs. Soaking your nails in acetone to remove them will pull the tan off the tops of your fingers. Your tan may not develop on the waxed areas if you have it done the day of your tan and it will pull your tan off if you have it done after.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit cards and Venmo.

What do I wear for m​y ​appointment?

We are comfortable with whatever you are comfortable with! Some clients choose to go topless, some wear a two piece or underwear and some go completely nude. Generally, the bronzer will wash out of your clothes. We do not recommend you wear anything expensive or silky as a precaution.

If I am tanning for an event when is the best time to schedule my appointment?

Two days prior is the best time for your appointment but we understand that is not always possible. Depending on the event and what you are doing between tan time and the event we may recommend 3 days prior or the evening before. If you can't schedule two days prior please reach out to us and we will help you figure out the best time for your situation.

Will I turn orange?

No. Unfortunately our last shipment was missing the orange bottle of solution. Jokes aside, you'll never be orange!

What do I absolutely need to know before spray tanning?

The most important thing to know is that your results depend on how well you prepare before your appointment. If you do not exfoliate properly or come to your appointment with lotions and oils on your skin- your tan may be spotty, blotchy or much lighter than expected. Please exfoliate!


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